There are many methods for ridding your home of termites, but what is your best option? Choosing an effective natural or chemical treatment can help kill a present infestation and prevent future ones from forming.

Remove Their Food Source
Before treating your infestation, make sure to remove any possible food sources that termites may overrun. This includes outdoor wood piles, old tree stumps, and even paper debris. Give the colony as few places to live and spread as possible to make your treatment the most successful.

Natural Methods
One of your easiest natural methods of getting rid of termites is to lure them into a trap. Simply stack flattened cardboard boxes where you see signs of infestation, and after a few days, you can inspect your boxes for successful trapping. Soak the boxes with insecticide or safely burn them. Note that this will not kill the king or queen.

Saturating infested wood with orange oil can also be an effective method of natural termite extermination. Apply the oil to surfaces where signs of infestation have been found. The oil will kill termites on contact as well as leave a pleasant scent in your home.

Product Treatments
Two easily obtainable product treatments for killing termites are termite baits and liquid solutions for soil application. These methods target outdoor infestations and help to protect the perimeter of your home from future attacks. Place baits underground or overactive mud tubes to poison termites and kill the colony. Apply liquid pesticides to the soil which will kill termites on contact.

These treatments can be slow, but they are effective.

Should You Treat the Issue Yourself?
While there are many methods of removing termites from your home, you must be absolutely sure that you are keeping your pets and family safe throughout the process. For safe, efficient, and professional termite control, or for a Free Estimate, contact us today!