Free Inspection

At Pelican Pest Prevention we offer all potential and existing customers free pest, termite, and lawn inspections. In our inspections we extensively examine the inside and outside of your home so we can accurately quote our services.

What Do We Look For?

Termites: Our inspector will measure the linear footage of your home as well as inspect for termites and termite conducive areas.  Termites normally come up the exterior of a monolithic slab or the interior of a block foundation.  It is necessary to inspect inside and outside with a good probing tool and a flashlight.  The riskiest conditions for termites are wood to ground contact, dirt above grade, and moisture problems.  The price of a termite contract on your home is often determined by both the size of your home as well as the risk that Pelican will incur by taking your home under contract.

Lawn: Our inspector will measure your lawn to ensure that effective treatment will be done and exact calculations can be made for the products we apply.  This ensures that your lawn gets the best care year round with every product.  With the measurement, we will also determine the lawns current weed pressure, disease pressure, type of grass, and more.  We will also be able to consult with you on a needed watering schedule and cutting schedule.  After we analyze your lawn, we will be able to give a price based on size and inspection.

Pests: Pelican routinely inspects for pests and will be able identify pest issues around your home.  All of Pelicans pest control programs concentrate on a control method called Integrated Pest Management (IPM).  IPM ensures that Pelican will inspect and treat your home for pests in an environmentally safe manner while effectively getting rid of your pests.  After the pest inspection, our technicians will be able to identify the best type of treatment for the target pests in that area of your home!

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WDO’s:  Wood Destroying Organism Report is required  in many cases for real-estate transactions.  This report protects the buyer and sellers from liability of the home getting infested with wood destroying organisms after the sale.  Pelican will inspect for WDO’s such as Termites, Powder Post Beetles, Wood-Decaying Fungi, etc., as well as conducive conditions for these pests such as: Wood to Ground Contact, Dirt Above Grade, and Plants Touching your Home.  Pelican inspectors take pride in a quality inspection.  Pelican GUARANTEES that if a wood destroying organism is found after the sale of the structure, Pelican will perform a treatment for FREE!  Our certified inspector will also inspect for pests and lawn deficiencies as well and provide a complimentary quote at a discounted rate for the new homeowner moving in! Congrats on your new home!

Pelican will perform a Lunch & Learn for real-estate offices so we can educate you more about the WDO process.  Just Ask!  Call today and get your discounted WDO Report!