If you are considering professional home pest control services, you’re not alone. People ask us all the time to treat their homes with ongoing pest control service. Here are some of their reasons.


After termites damage their home, this will trigger homeowners to set up a regular pest control service. The same is true when they find roaches, ants or weevils in their food get into food products. Food gets wasted. It’s also frustrating to have to clean the entire kitchen or pantry when one discovers cockroach eggs or that an army of ants has invaded.

We’ve all experienced finding moth holes in clothing, or the egg casings of insects in old books, papers, or boxes. Where do you think those bugs are now? SOmetimes, they’re off eating something else you treasure.

Health concerns

Cockroaches, dust mites, and rodents can exacerbate allergic reactions in those who are sensitive to bug bites. Some sufferers are also allergic to the particles they leave behind, such as feces and the bits of shell left behind from a molting. For this reason, allergy-prone individuals find they react less when they evict bugs from their homes on a permanent basis.

Also, ticks, mosquitos, and other bugs can also carry dangerous pathogens. Pest control can protect people against the diseases that these insects carry by not allowing them a toehold into the home.


Construction or neighbors can exacerbate insect problems. Bugs will move to neighboring areas if they’re disturbed or if their numbers grow, which is when they’ll seek out new territory in nearby areas.

There is always a season

Changing weather triggers insects in all different ways. When one is mating, another is migrating, and a third is hatching. There is often a peak season for each type of insect, so their presence becomes somewhat rotational. This constant bombardment of various insects is not everyone’s cup of tea.

In warmer climates such as we enjoy, some insects never truly hibernate or freeze to death. Warmth offers them ample opportunity to reproduce. Also, when the weather becomes too cold for them to feel comfortable, they seek shelter in warm homes and garages, often to hatch their eggs. The same also holds for rain, which will drive pests into dry areas.

Better Products

The products used by a licensed pest control company are far more potent than those found in a nursery or hardware store. The products these retailers carry can be helpful, but the may also be inadequate to handle the problem, and can be improperly applied. Pest control technicians are trained to identify and manage pest infestations. Regular service prevents pests from becoming and problem without ever putting your family’s health at stake by resorting to poisonous chemicals.

We are fortunate to live in a society where we can provide our expertise and save others the grief of having to guess what to do or suffer as a result of the problem. Our specialty is pest control, and we are proud to be able to offer it on a regular basis to people who no longer wish to have an ongoing battle with insects.

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