If you like Pokemon Go, you will love termite hunting!

Grab your iPhone and charge it up–we’re going hunting! Not for poke stops, but for evidence of termites in your home. You can use your phone light as a tool, or a strong flashlight if you prefer.

There are three things a homeowner needs to be on the alert for during the big hunt. We’re going to go through them here and tell you where to find them. You see, when it comes to termites in your home, you’re not a victim: you’re a predator.

You know that termites eat wood, but they eat it because it has cellulose, so anything made of paper or cardboard is also on their menu. So, in the Spring and Fall, arm yourself with a big light, a keen eye, and here’s what we’re looking for:

Mud tubes

Mud tubes are about as thick around as your phone charging cord and look like dried mud. Start by looking for them all around the vertical edge of the foundation of your property, between the soil and the start of the stucco, masonry, or whatever you have. After that, try looking from the ceiling edge on down. Check out every inch of ceiling-to-wall. Then check the sides of any cardboard boxes you may have.

If you break one open, you might see live nymph termites. They’re little white things that look like ants.

Bubbled paint

Examine all walls and ceilings, even those in pantries and closets, for suspiciously bubbled paint or tiny holes (more on that in a minute). If the paint looks off or is bubbled, you may have found termites. They’re in trouble now!


Frass is sawdust-looking stuff you might find around baseboards, wood trim, wood sills, and frames, or even masonry or walls which have tiny holes drilled in it. Frass is termite poo, and if you find some, it means they’ve shoved it out of the way in their excavations. That’s why you’ll sometimes see a recurring yet small amount of sawdust in odd places. This is the sneakiest kind of termite trail, and if you find it, good for you!

Poking around

If you find frass or bubbled paint, you may want to grab a screwdriver and give wood which is around mud tubes, bubbled paint or frass a tap. If it comes apart or sounds ‘light’, you’re on the right path.

Check around the outside of the house at the slab, and check every wall and piece of wood inside. If you have an attic, check that, as well.

Calling the pros

If you have termites or see termite activity, or even if you have termite concerns without any visible activity, hiring a pro will not only give you an expert in your corner, but it will also offer peace of mind. Exterminators have access to all the very best tools, chemicals, and equipment to get rid of termites. We hope you’ll consider us if you’re looking for a termite expert because we believe ourselves to be the best in the business and think you deserve the best. So, we hope you’ll consider us for all your pest-related needs, and we even hope you don’t have termites. Knock on wood.

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