In the pest control business, we see our fair share of bugs, especially in the Tampa Bay area. There is nothing insects love more than moisture from water sources. Today we’re going to talk about some of the bugs you can expect a plumbing leak or a bad irrigation situation to attract. Some are destructive, others are unsanitary or even bite. But none of them are welcome in your home. Here is the lineup:


With so many different types of termites in Florida, we have our share of termite trouble, but some are drawn to water. They love it so much, they make mud tubes to travel through your home in. Damp wood makes them happy, too.


Those skittery little brown German Cockroaches which infest your kitchen like being close to water. Dirty dishes in the sink don’t just attract them because of crumbs, but also because of the water. You can also have American cockroaches, the big one-to-two-inch variety that can fly. Cockroaches are a filthy visitor to any home.


Another nasty surprise awaits beneath the sink with a leak, and that is the well-named silverfish. They love the damp, paper, especially boxes, and clothing. They don’t have the greasy, disgusting quality of roaches, but they rate a nine on the shudder scale.


Not only do ants really love sweets and water, but they also offer the additional bonus of having a painful bite. So, while they don’t make us shudder like some other insects, they can actually hurt us. They also chew up the wood in your home to create nests, not to eat it.


Spiders are another insect which isn’t so much drawn to the water as to the provision of bugs created by the availability of water. These opportunists take advantage of the bug population at hand.


Mosquitoes are attracted to standing water, such as puddled water, which is where they breed. These beauties often turn up after a few days of rain, when our caliche-packed soil refuses to absorb the water. So, if you’re being bitten by mosquitoes, there is definitely a source of water close at hand.

If you start to see a proliferation of insects in or around your home, it’s worth the effort to go on a little hunting mission to find their water source. You can look for leaks, or watch your water meter. If the leak is in an irrigation pipe or underground, it might be a little harder to trace.

Meanwhile, you shouldn’t have to live in misery. We can treat your home for all of the above-named pests and more!

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